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    [QUEST] Assassin Character Quest


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    [QUEST] Assassin Character Quest

    Post  Admin on Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:23 pm

    Assassin Quest was created to change your character to Assassin Class which is a new Class in Kingdom Of Sorrow EO Private Server. This new character come with a new skills, new mount pets and weapons. Below is an explanation for this Quest.

    - Find 6 AssassinLord at 6 different maps (Cronus, GobiDesert, DarkMash, Volcano, Island & Icyland) to collect 6 different items(FireSpirit, SandSpirit, AngelSpirit, WaterSpirit, IcySpirit & EvilSpirit) and exchange it with AssassinStone (this stone can be used to change your character to Assassin).

    - 3 AssassinLord will spawn in every 3 hours at:
    Volcano - 448:386 / 969:1065
    GobiDesert - 951:1208 / 539:644
    Cronus - 1307:1022 / 477:178
    Island - 603:268 / 1221:1383
    Icyland - 220:559 / 1127:1087
    DarkMash - 239:571 / 323:166

    - Find this AssassinLord and collect 6 spirit items and change your character to Assassin class to continue with this quest.

    - Talk to Soul-Death NPC to exchange spirit item with AssassinStone.

    - Talk to Soul-Killer NPC to start Assassin Item Quest after change your character to Assassin.

    - Collect 30 SpiritScroll in the Assassin Map and exchange it to 1 SpiritCrystal.
    - Collect 30 SpiritCrystal and exchange it to 1 SpiritCandle.
    - You can use SpiritCandle to exchange with Assassin Mount Pets and Weapon.

    -You can buy all the Assassin new skills at ShoppingMall but only Assassin Character can learn all this skills.


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